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About Us

Since 1998, we at Acharya VidyasagarDayodaya Gaushala Silage and Organics have been serving our mother cow selflessly in the village of Bhadugaon, tehsil Rahetgaon, dist. Harda, Madhya Pradesh 461228.

It is an NGO registered with the M.P. Gaupalan and PashudhanSamvardhan Board. Which is registered with the no-mp431/2021 and has tax benefits through donations under 12A(1)(ac)(III) reg. No. AAKAA2313D22BP01  80G(5)(III) reg.no. AAKAA2313D22BP02

PAN No. AAKAA2313D, which creates trust among workers and donors, as our whole soul aim is to provide charitable services to holy cows.

It’s been 25+ years; in 1998, we had successfully adopted 100 stray cows, and now, in 2023, we are serving around 1100+ stray homeless cows.

Agriculture And Farming

The gaushala is constructed on 5 acres of land, and 100+ acres of land are used for cow feed, napier grass, and silage. Besides serving mother cows, we produce cow’s waste, which seems to be a blessing for agriculture and farming.

Indian Culture

Acharya Vidyasagar

With the same aim and dignity, we are aiming to serve 5000+ stray cows. We also used to make organic products like Jeevamrit, cow dung cake, gaumutra, that increase fertility and productivity in agriculture farming. Many small and large farmers use our organic products, and we use the money generated from organics to groom our cows, which helps us adopt more cows.

We, at our farms, use organic products in the cultivation of organic grains like wheat, moong, rai, maize, etc. Our farmers use traditional farming methods so that they can grow more food for our cows and contribute to saving our “Indian Culture.”

Meet Our Team

Successful teams are made up of people who know how to work together towards a common vision.

Mr. Hemendra Jain
Mr. Navneet Jain
Mr. Anuj Jain
Mr. Naresh Bhai Sanghvi
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Mr. Rajendra Sethi
Backbone of Organisation
Mr. Manish Jain
Backbone of Organisation
Mr. Kirit Doshi
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Dhruval Jain Swa Par Kalyan Samuh
Backbone of Organisation
Rajeshri Didi Swa Par Kalyan Samuh
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